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#18 - Brooke Devenney on Fundraising

Director of Individual Giving at MOCA, Brooke Devenney gives us some proper behind the scenes information about the role of fundraising at a large museum. She talks about different layers of engagement with the museum. How the museum invite individuals and companies to become a part of the community. We learn that she works closely with the curatorial team and the importance of a strong mission statement. MOCA is the only collection institution in Los Angeles that completely rely on private donations.

Brooke has since we did the interview changed jobs. Today she is Director of Development at USC Roski School of Art and Design.

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#9 - Jeffrey Alan Scudder on Radical Digital Painting

Jeffrey Alan Scudder is a contemporary artist who travels and spends his time performing, programming and making pictures. In this episode we discuss Jeffrey’s lecture performances on Radical Digital Painting. A conversation around technologies, media and the history of painting. When has a digital painting found its final form? Can we understand systems by thinking about them as musical scores?

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#3 - Constance Tenvik on Narration

Finding a mood and to pay attention to detail are vital components within multi-disciplinary Norwegian artist Constance Tenvik practice. Here she talks about her daily drawing routine, and a trip to Scotland, to reenact a grand vision for a video, and the unexpected result. We also speak about nature and Scandinavian children’s litteratur, like Astrid Lindgren, Roald Dahl and Mumin.

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#2 - Kate Sutton on National Identity in a Global Art World

American writer and curator Kate Sutton has been regular contributor to for a decade. For a long period of time she lived in Moscow and today she is based in Zagreb.  Consequently, she has written about many artists located outside of places oftentimes describe as art centres, like London and New York. She mentions a couple of artist, among them Taus Makhacheva from Dagestan.

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#1 - Yves Scherer on Money

Yves Scherer is an artist living in New York. Driving to his studio, we talk about the necessity of money. Money can buy the better material for a stretcher bar, money is at times hard to get. But at the centre of things stands the urge to create the most beautiful works.  

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